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Living with bees
Studio Glazar
Faculty of architecture Ljubljana
Portfolio - Jan Šimnovec (dragged).jpg

As the name describes, the project explores new ways of living with the bees. As a way of coexistence, hives are integrated into the living units. Placed under the sleeping area, they allow air from the hive (known for its health benefits), rise with the warm air into the the bedroom. The accommodation unit consists of two floors: the lower one is a living space and upper one  sleeping part. As the living unit does not have its own roof, a longitudinal structure is laid between the building and the hill, forming extra open space for the accommodation.

Portfolio - Jan Šimnovec (dragged).png
Portfolio - Jan Šimnovec (dragged).png
Portfolio - Jan Šimnovec (dragged) 3.png
Portfolio - Jan Šimnovec (dragged) 2.png
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