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Studio by Francis Kéré 
Collaboration with Leroy Handojo
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Technical University of Munich

HUB+ is a mix of artist residences, studios and public exhibitions spaces. Hub itself is elevated above the ground floor, enclosing the the studios, living spaces, mixed use spaces for both public and artists and even a small hall. In the ground floor, box serves as a roof for public exhibitions, events and performances. It is located in a vibrant cultural area Kunstareal in Munich.

FINAL_viz 1.1.jpg
FINAL_viz 3.jpg

The building is fully constracted in timber beams and CLT walls. Despite the visual function of the outer facade, the shape derives from structural proposes  allowing the suspended building to hold it self.  3 timber structured columns allow hold the building in the air, enclosing  staircases and an elevator. Columns are enclosed in see-trough polycarbonate facade, allowing daylight in vertical corridors.

24_01_19 Layout (dragged) 3.png
24_01_19 Layout (dragged) 3.png
24_01_19 Layout (dragged) 3.png
24_01_19 Layout (dragged).png
24_01_19 Layout (dragged) 2.png
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