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The Kiosk for Tomorrow 
Rethinking public space with the sustainable kiosk
in collaboration with sustainable built environment engineer, Urban Kavka
public mobility and sitting element
Communication element

While the contactless world is emerging, The Kisok of Tomorrow is trying to shape a more personal story. There is something special about the personal contact that the kiosk can offer, either when selling a newspaper, food or tickets. It is always a unique experience that cannot be digitized, especially because this interactions offer a sense of community. The kiosk of tomorrow should become even stronger social building block. Our idea shapes a kiosk that can overcome walls. With its drawing and writing facade, it offers the experience of creativity, discussions and lectures. And through the perforation of the facade, the exchange of different perspectives can emerge.


The walls are recycled from old school black-boards and kept as drawing and writing surfaces. They are mounted on a CLT structure, that enables fast production and assembly of prefabricated modular elements that can be folded into any composition. The end product is a kiosk that is created from stories, society and is re-defined in every new situation.

Alternatives uses for the kiosk
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